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Your short and simple lecture really capture my full attention throughout the 2 hours.


I'm new and I have learnt how to ask clients to find out their needs so as to aid in my presentation when serving buyer or seller.  And I also like the elaboration on the Cinderella Effect which will help us anchor the buyer's interest level and confidence in the unit we are selling.



Derrick T | Course Participant

Any agency will have a lot of training sessions for agents. However, the best training I received was from my mentor, Anthony Yeo, who tailored relevant pieces of training to improve our skill sets.


Also, when we have questions or problems, Anthony will be there to provide us with solutions and recommendations. Indeed, he is a great help to us having a good mentor.

TJ C. | Mentee

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Anthony Yeo Division is a very resourceful and helpful team. Our chat group provides us with daily market information and the members of the team are readily available and willing to jump in to help whenever information if required or if a problem is to be addressed.


My mentor, Anthony Yeo, is very IT savvy and this does give us a huge advantage in the ways we conduct our presentations and market ourselves.


Natalie I. | Mentee

Thank you, Boss Anthony Yeo! 


You are truly a remarkable skillful negotiator! Thank you for listening to my challenges and empowering me with negotiation skills for the best deal or solution in the interest of my client.


Your mentoring style has always been thought provoking & encouraging. I must say I am truly impressed with your patience and ability to adjust your coaching and communication skills to suit our personality styles.


We are blessed to have you, Boss!!

Jacq N. | Mentee

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Anthony helped us improved our property investment portfolio. He also helped us manage and liaise with our tenants very well.


We trust his recommendations very much. With the realtime system, he sold our Telok Kurau condo at the highesr psf in a very short time. We were amazed at the speed of closing and the number of viewings conducted with the realtime system.

Roy S. | Client

The session was great and effective! 


I appreciate all the case studies and experiences that you have shared with us.


Better than reading the notes, the trade tips as well was good & definitely will help me in my future dealings with clients/agents. I enjoyed your class totally...not a dull moment.


You are a professional & effective trainer 👍! Thank you very much. Look forward to learning from you again.

Regina L. | Course Participant

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Hi Anthony.


Thank you for the great sharing session yesterday evening. I find the sharing of 'real life stories' bit interesting. It touched on the pitfalls/experience that has happened to practising/seasoned RES.


As a new RES, good to remember the then and will try to manage accordingly. (a must have for future training). The tips on filling in key conditions in the relevant forms were very useful.


Lastly, the trick to counter old foxes, indicating '50/50 sharing' is a good safeguard. Sincere thanks once again.

Leonard C. | Course Participant

Hi Anthony, thanks for the class.


I'm in transition from another agency. Have attended so many lessons and this is the best so far. I've learned about the psychology of a buyer and will be more aware of what to say in the future.


Lessons are simple and takeaways are focused: Cinderella Effect, NLP, 3Rs and how to interpret graphs. Thank you.

Freya L.| Course Participant

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Hi Anthony, my favourite part of the lesson was when you talked about the exit strategy.


A lot of times people always preached on why you must buy and why you must do it now. But at the back of everyone's mind, I believe we know that potentially something can go wrong. Like I can lose my job or somehow not able to service the loan, not have a tenant. So by addressing the exit strategy upfront, it allays the worries and concerns that customer may have. I really liked that.

Lavena X | Course Participant

Anthony was very professional and knows how to work with his clients to provide the best service. As the agent for my rental unit, I found him very proactive to address any concerns I have as soon as possible. I would highly recommend him as a realtor.

Shalini M. | Client

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