Is It Tough To Be A Property Agent In Singapore - 2020

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Is it tough to be a property agent in Singapore
Is it tough to be a property agent in Singapore

When I became a real estate agent in 2009, the go-to choice for advertising then was Classified Ads (newspaper) and flyers.

iProperty was a new portal that was viewed skeptically by seasoned veteran agents. PropertyGuru was also in its infancy and struggled against iProperty to gain market share.

There was no such thing as an app back then

Fast forward to today, PropertyGuru is the default choice by many consumers and agents. The Classified Ads property section is now so thin that one would mistake it as a new startup. New portals, such as and Carousell, emerged to join into the foray.

propertyguru srx soreal carousell iproperty buy sell rent ura

Customers now can check for the latest transactions easily. Agents today have to stay ahead of the digital curve to bring value to their clients.

More agents are using Google’s Ads and Facebook’s Ads to reach out to more would-be buyers. They make ads "miraculously" pop up amidst surfing.

Many people asked me to share how I could achieve my sales target and yet built a Division of agents over the years. This article is about my personal take on the attitude and aptitude of sustaining and excelling in the ever-evolving real estate business.

Evolution is the secret for the next step. - Karl Lagerfeld

Broadly, the gumption required for a realtor to be successful today can be put into 2 main categories :

(A) Close-range

(B) Far-range

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