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7 May 2020 (Thurs)

8 pm to 9 Pm

What is Come Fly With Us?

Come Fly With Us is Navis Living Group's signature recruitment seminar.


We sincerely invite agents, managers, and leaders to join us to scale new heights together.

Our speakers will give you new insights on how you can revolutionize to keep your business moving forward!

Why You Should Attend?

If there is a better way to improve your business,

you definitely SHOULD NOT MISS OUT.


Do it for yourself, or for your downlines.

You DESERVE TO BENEFIT from all the hard work put in.

Your customers are savvier,

and you MUST STAY AHEAD to bring value to them.


Come and see how our System


so that you can STAY AHEAD of the competition.

Our proven system has helped our agents

EARN OVER 6-FIGURE in their first 3 months with us.

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The more you learn,

the more you earn.

Warren Buffett

Time and tide wait for no man!

The clock is ticking away, my friend, and your competitors are already ahead of you.

Come learn from some of the industry's finest top leaders' secrets of success.

What do you have to lose?

Nothing! Because you will surely pick up a tip or two.  

What do you have to gain? 

A life-changing moment that can help you accelerate your sales and team expansion!